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From the ashes raises a great phoenix!

Or sometimes you simply pull out a few remnants and coals.

We all have a story, I was told once, it’s what you do with that story… it’s how you spin it… and if you are not spinning it to your advantage… than you are doing yourself a disservice.

I have done this for the vast majority of my life… I haven’t spun my own story to my advantage.

I realize that my life has been the crucible… I have been the ore… and each of my experiences has been the furnace… as the years have gone on the furnace has gotten to such a high heat whereas all of the dross has burnt away and I am ready to be cast into a mold…

I have learned that in my life I never saw hard times (even though at times being homeless)… and I learned that I always had what I needed (even if others would have considered me poor, I never saw lack)… 

​​I learned that the choices I made today influenced the way I feel, which in turn influenced what tomorrow brings… this is the law of vibration.

I learned that being educated was not the same as being enlightened.

I learned that when you learn that, the bottom falls out and that you find yourself in some kind of free fall.

I learned that the universe has a net in place for you.

I learned that you need to have a mind that is open to everything in order to become aware of those who are along the journey with you.

I learned that every man is a lesson…

I learned to wake up to a vision

I learned to communicate with my heart…

I learned to go to a place beyond thought and to allow myself to go beyond the infinite.

I learned how to return… and I learned how to share.

I learned of the giver and the gift.

I learned that throughout your entire life you have been taught lessons and simply were not aware of them.

That sometimes it takes working with someone to show you the truth of who you are… to reach inside you, unlock your greatness, pull it out and reflect it back in ways you cannot defend against. Once you see it, you can live it.”

I learned that improvement isn’t good enough… transformation is essential.

Oftentimes you don’t know the power of your story until you share it with the power of who you are … you are resilient… you are strong… you are powerful… you have fought some demons and lived to tell the tale… sure you have been scarred, and maybe you lost a limb… and maybe sight in one eye… but what seemed like a poor choice at the time has lead you to the greatest moment of your life… right now… every fucking time… the best moment of your life is right now… you have lived your whole life to be here right now… you are prosperous… the air you breathe is the abundance you need… you don’t think about what it is that is giving you life… that is pumping your blood, that is flexing your lungs… you are a miracle… your life experience is a miracle.

Each story that has brought you here has an invisible string a singular thing that keeps it all together… you… your life is your creation… you are a creator.

I refuse to believe that you made it this far into the story and are someone who is part of the norm… someone who has bought into everything society has told you you are… I believe you know of your greatness… you know that there is something so much greater inside of you that is wishing for its fullest expansion… as Maslow stated you have a desire of Self-Actualization, people are those who were fulfilled and doing all they were capable of.

The self is an individual person as the object of his or her own reflective consciousness.

Actualize – to make actual or real; turn into action or fact.

And if you so choose, self-actualization is to take all that is within you and the power of who you are and make it real.

If that is what lead you here… you seek and you shall find… I trust you have found your path and I am simply another lesson along your way.

You are no longer part of the resistance… you are no longer in revolt… there is no revolution… that HAS been televised… you ARE in a state of evolution and there is no going back.


The vision of the Prosperity Practice is that there has never been a great time, space, or place than right now to recognize who you are… and to actualize that.



of everything that you are in control of… you are only in control of yourself… of how you actualize your thoughts of how you direct your emotions.


The time has come to recognize that your spirit expands beyond your body and that it is the greater part of the self... To stop pulling punches and actualize your greatness or be diminished by it.


You received the gift of life… the universe is benevolent and all powerful… once you remember this you again become aware that you walk with grace… the universe is aligned with your desires and does the work for you

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